Let’s Crack The Cancer Code !

00000000. BREAST SHIELD 5.0

Is it possible to actually disrupt fast dividing tumor cells in very early precancerous breast tissues? In other words , is it possible to actually stop early tumors before they become a cancer? Is that truly possible?
Advanced medical devices built on a mountain of research with over 140 stem cell patents, from the secret vaults of NASA Space Center, promises to disrupt, early precancerous stem cells in women’s breasts tissue. See photo above
Infrared Breast Imaging – No Radiation
New discoveries in breast imaging diagnostics, indicates that non-invasive, advanced infrared imaging which generates zero radiation, can actually see early, precancerous and cancerous tumors up to 8 years before your mothers mammogram machine. Mammography has been using lethal radiation, for over 100 years, and cannot even detect cancer until you have over 1 billion cancer cells!! Let we restate that again for emphasis. That’s ONE BILLION CANCER CELLS !! Just imagine, if you could use, new, fairly inexpensive, infrared imaging which some say will detect cancer up to 10 years before conventional mammograms. What would that discovery really mean to all the millions of women suffering with breast cancer? And could it really be that easy? Certainly, much more clinical data must be collected, but that will take another 20 years. Do you really have that much time?
Island of Hope Foundation staff will be offering free infrared imaging at all weekend wellness retreats. We invite you, come experience it for yourself! What have you got to lose? Be apart of our clinical study.


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