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Who are we?

The Island of Hope Foundation is a non-profit breast cancer charity-travel association, and research society, whose mission is to inspire women to enjoy and appreciate enhanced qualities of life through a shared journey of wellness, recovery and enlightenment.

We are inviting groups of women together on inspired and regenerative, 3 -Day Wellness Retreat weekends at major hotels, resorts, and spas, where you can:

Revitalize Your Life

Improve Your Helath

Discover Lasting Wellness

Sponsored by the National Hotel Companies

We are offering complimentary membership

Island of Hope will offer major hotels to our members at up to 80% off !

Creating a large national travel association

More than 1000 luxury resorts – at 60% off !

Travel agency franchises Complimentary for Advocate Ambassadors

Island of Hope Wellness Centers & Luxury Spa’s

Health and Wellness Programs – 2-3-night weekend wellness retreats

Offer substantial benefits for club members

Sponsored by the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Island of Hope will offer major hotels to our members at up to 80% off

Please join us on our 3-day wellness spa weekends and let’s come together to enhance your quality of life. After all we could all use some well-deserved rest and regeneration in these troubled times.

- The Island of Hope Travel Society -

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Reasons Why the Island of Hope Travel Society Makes Sense

Travel in a group environment is an enjoyable, shared experience that builds bonds between you and your travelers

Travel can satisfy an educational or organizational mission.

Organizations are seeking new ways to connect with members, subscribers, customers or their communities

More women are traveling as they approach their mature years, and families with children benefit, too.

What travel-related problems are they concerned with?

How are you in position to make their lives more interesting, exciting and enjoyable?

How can you save your customers money… and effort?

How can you help them minimize bad travel related choices?